Thanks to their expertise in chemistry and drug delivery, NanoMedSyn’s founders have built a technical platform dedicated to the lysosomal addressing of therapeutics in order to respond to unmet medical needs. They patented a library of synthetic derivatives called AMFA, designed for the targeting of a specific membrane lectin, the mannose 6-phosphate receptor (M6PR) which is the major addressing pathway to lysosomes. These AMFA compounds when grafted to molecules have the potential to target tissues and cells expressing these M6PR, to facilitate their cellular uptake and finally to address them to lysosomes. An initial proof-of-concept was obtained for the enzyme therapy of Pompe disease, strengthened by the obtainment of an ODD validation by the EMA. Recently, NanoMedSyn is developing the AMFA technology on therapeutic antibodies by partnering and licensing in different medical fields. 


Photo credits: fr.freepik.com