Objectives and technology

Tomorrow therapies are driven by innovation


With an in-depth knowledge of drug targeting and our expertise in medicinal chemistry, we develop unique engineering innovations to solve some health challenges. Our purpose is to improve the lives of patients by creating and developing innovative and differentiated therapeutics.  Our proprietary technology permits to safely and effectively address therapeutics to lysosomes via a specific receptor. First developed for improving the treatment of lysosomal disease and supported by the obtainment of an orphan drug designation, such technology could be applied either to engineered enzymes, cytotoxic agents or nanoparticles. The potential of such strategy is considerable with applications on cancer, metabolic, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Our targeting pioneer technology for innovative therapies


NanoMedSyn is proud to have multiple engineered synthetic derivatives of mannose 6-phosphate, called AMFA, that bind a specific receptor: the membrane mannose 6-phosphate receptors (M6PR). M6PR represents the major pathway for the cellular entry and the lysosomal addressing. Adding our AMFA tags on proteins, cytotoxic agents or nanoparticles offers a unique solution to unmet clinical needs.

PIPELINE: From one Deep-Tech platform to multiple therapeutic areas

  • New therapeutic drugs engineered with our AMFA

    New therapeutic drugs engineered with AMFA will have an enhanced capacity to be addressed to the lysosomal compartments.

  • New Enzyme replacement therapy of lysosomal storage diseases

    The production of new modified recombinant enzymes for Enzyme Replacement Therapy of lysosomal storage disorders. Thanks to the results obtained in the preclinical phases, NanoMedSyn was granted by E.M.A. orphan drug designation for its lead compound, recombinant acid alpha-glucosidase conjugated with AMFA, aimed for the treatment of Pompe disease. Moreover, the mechanism of action of AMFA on the enzyme maturation suggests a wide application to most of the 53 lysosomal diseases.

  • New therapeutic targeting of prostate cancer and rhabdomyosarcoma

    NanoMedSyn has demonstrated the capacity of AMFA to target therapeutics in cancer cells overexpressing M6PR such as prostate cancer and rhabdomyosarcoma.  Preclinical studies are in progress with different AMFA-grafted nanoparticles and drugs.

The objectives in 3 points
Based on AMFA

NanoMedSyn’s development plan is based on a strong intellectual property of patented synthetic derivatives called AMFA.

The main application

is the engineering of recombinant enzymes and proteins for better therapies.


NanoMedSyn shares its platform for the development of new targeted therapies.