NanoMedSyn is a young company issued of a translational approach of three academic laboratories based in Montpellier. After years of work, the founders, Dr M. Garcia, who laid the founding blocks of the project, Drs M. Gary-Bobo, J-O Durand and Pr A. Morère built together a new approach to respond to the unmet medical need of the lysosomal storage disorders. In January 2015, H-V Charbonné, former CEO of Roche SAS in France, decided to join NanoMedSyn as CEO.



NanoMedSyn - People - Marcel GarciaMarcel Garcia
CEO and co-founder of NanoMedSyn

Dr M. Garcia was the research director of “glyco and nanovectors for therapeutic targeting” team, located in the IBMM (Montpellier). Based on strengths in glycochemistry, nanotechnology and biological system’s engineering, his research group developed innovative molecular technology to enable novel approaches to study, diagnose and treat diseases. He is expert in the field of hormone-dependent cancer and has had a pivotal role in the development of a diagnostic tool for breast cancer (ELSA-Cathepsin D) in collaboration with Sanofi-Aventis. More recently, his research has been focused on the mechanism of lysosomal targeting and on the bioengineering of proteins and nanoparticles for lysosomal disorders and cancer therapies.




NanoMedSyn - People - Henry Vincent CharbonnéHenry-Vincent Charbonné
Business Advisor of NanoMedSyn

He joined NanoMedSyn in January 2015 as Chief Executive Officer bringing with him 35 years of experience in the diagnostic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Recently, he provided strategic advices for Anthelys Conseil, and was Head of Operation specialized Biology of the Biomnis group. From 1988 to 2009, he held several senior management positions at Roche France and H. Hoffmann La Roche Ltd (Switzerland), culminating in the position of Head of global Strategic Marketing of F. Hoffmann –La Roche Ltd (Pharmaceutical division) and member of the pharma division executive committee. Among other developments, he has actively participated in the development
and the launch of targeted antibodies in Oncology and Auto Immune diseases (Herceptin®, Mabthera®, RoActemra®, Perjeta®  …).

He received an MBA from HEC Paris and a pharmacist degree from Clermont- Ferrand University.





Magali Gary-Bobo
CNRS researcher, co-founder and scientific advisor of NanoMedSyn

Dr Magali Gary-Bobo is a young academic CNRS researcher in biotechnologies and is co- founder of NanoMedSyn. During her research work, she has developed expertise in the drug delivery, lysosomal targeting for enzymotherapy and photodynamic therapy of cancers. Earlier in her career, she worked at Sanofi-Aventis, her work was involved in the development of Acomplia®, for obesity treatment.




NanoMedSyn - People - Alain Morère

Alain Morère
Professor and co-founder and scientific advisor of NanoMedSyn

Alain Morère is Professor of Chemistry at the University of Montpellier. His research work focus on organic chemistry for the design and development of molecular tools dedicated to biological applications and processes. This includes glycochemistry, synthesis of carbohydrate analogues and glyco-conjugates for cell targeting, receptor-ligand recognition, drug carriers and drug delivery.




NanoMedSyn - People - Jean-Olivier DurandJean-Olivier Durand
CNRS researcher, co-founder and scientific advisor of NanoMedSyn

Dr Jean-Olivier Durand is an academic research director in the ICGM, Montpellier. Over the past 25 years, he has developed an expertise in the field of organic chemistry applied for health. His research skills are focused on nanoparticles, which have been developed for peptidic micro-array, photodynamic therapy and also for photo-controlled drug delivery. He also has an interest on nucleic acid and the potential of transfection of nucleic acid with nanoparticles.




Scientific board

Sylvain Yon
Theraclion Deputy CEO and co-founder of several companies

Renowned expert in: Evaluation and transfer of industrial innovation.


Martine Cerutti
Research director at CNRS

Renowned expert in:  Baculovirus, recombinant protein engineering and therapy.


Catherine Caillaud
Professor, Inserm / Hopital Necker -Enfants Malades

Renowned expert in:  Inherited metabolism disorders and lysosomal storage disorders.


Benoit Dubuis 
Professor, Development Director Wyss Center, Campus Biotech (Geneva, Switzerland)

Renowned expert in:  Pharmaceuticals and biotech development.


Amine A. Kamen 
Professor, Canada research chair in bioprocessing of viral vaccines

Renowned expert in:  Protein engineering and nanoparticles for drug delivery.