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October, 2021

NanoMedSyn is classified as a DEEPTECH company by Bpifrance for its Innovative Therapeutic Targeting Technology.

July, 2021

NanoMedSyn has signed a research agreement with the French National Research Agency within the framework of the « Plan France Relance Préservation de l’Emploi de R&D ». This agreement concerns a two-year collaborative research project with a CNRS institute in Montpellier, the Max Mousseron Institute of Biomolecules.

June, 2021

NanoMedSyn has been distinguished for its Growth Path by Bpifrance and joins the « Excellence » community.

December, 2020

NanoMedSyn has signed a 3-year Innovation Contract with the Occitanie Region for a « Research and Development of New Targeted Drugs » project

July, 2020

Dr. Marcel Garcia, co-founder and Scientific Director, is appointed President and Scientific Director of NanoMedSyn by the General Assembly. This appointment follows the retirement of the President Henry-Vincent Charbonné for health reasons. Henry has presided remarkably over the company for 5 years and brought all his previous expertise acquired in large pharmaceutical companies. In particular,

June, 2019

This article demonstrates the involvement of acid phosphatases in the higher efficacy of AMFA-labelled enzyme therapy. J Cell Mol Med. 2019;23:6499-6503.

March, 2018

Shire and NanomedSyn enter into research agreement for potential lysosomal storage disorder treatment. ShireNanoMedSyn_PressRelease    

October, 2017

NanoMedSyn  develops an efficient  treatment for refractory Pompe disease published by Journal of Controlled Release. J Control Release 2017, 269:15-23.

October, 2016

First NanoMedSyn studies to improve Pompe disease treatment published by Angewandte. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2016 DOI: 10.1002/anie.201607824R2  

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